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Punishment Spelling Bee

Punishment Spelling Bee

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We Expose Our Creepy DMs

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We Cosplay as Each Other


  • Rob Smith21
    Rob Smith2115 timer siden

    Uhmmm....I don’t like any of it other than chocolate meatballs and the ham cake

  • Mr. Valentino
    Mr. Valentino15 timer siden

    I miss Anthony

  • NortYnK
    NortYnK15 timer siden

    A childhood I will never forget and will I'VADE THE UNITED NATION

  • Lillian Vahl
    Lillian Vahl15 timer siden

    you're really tall a-and a little bit intimidating

  • Noel Hellquist
    Noel Hellquist16 timer siden

    Courtney gives off MAJOR young gym coach vibes

  • Coolkid9988 0
    Coolkid9988 016 timer siden

    I think the other team should’ve won because Keith kept making sounds which was unfair

  • PeytonMozz
    PeytonMozz16 timer siden

    When shayne and Ian came back I thought they were being nice after bullying olivia...Ian was finally tying her shoes and the m&ms were nice... NO THEY HAD TO CONTINUE IT (for the joke)

  • TheRedUmbrellaTheory
    TheRedUmbrellaTheory16 timer siden

    5:56 my hero academia reference??? 🤔

  • Louis Jones
    Louis Jones16 timer siden

    I love Damien too much.

  • Kailey Foy
    Kailey Foy16 timer siden

    I hope they do another clothes swap challenge, but even more extreme and people.

  • Parker Please
    Parker Please16 timer siden

    This is giving me 4th grade vibes

  • Elzė Ustinavičiūtė
    Elzė Ustinavičiūtė16 timer siden

    We want shane back!

  • wilaaby
    wilaaby16 timer siden


  • IlIlIl
    IlIlIl16 timer siden

    When he showed the N64 games I was like, "He better have Conker's Bad Fur Day". I approve.

  • Glenn Rhee
    Glenn Rhee16 timer siden

    Your boyfriend looks like those rocks trolls in frozen 😂😂

  • lovesmuffins123
    lovesmuffins12316 timer siden

    Matt's kryptonite: Laura Bailey and her 12 year old boy humor.

  • Brandon Sim
    Brandon Sim16 timer siden

    Love this anime addition so much lmao

  • J Pac
    J Pac17 timer siden

    I can do 60 to 80 depending on what time of day

  • Nathan R
    Nathan R17 timer siden

    pp poo poo

  • Gamerboy Dash
    Gamerboy Dash17 timer siden

    I do not over act!!😂😂 -2:47

  • Hector Alonzo
    Hector Alonzo17 timer siden

    I thought the first one was going to be from one piece not Pokémon smh

  • 「Gacha • Bunni」
    「Gacha • Bunni」17 timer siden

    I had to do over 30-40 pushups in school when I was 13, what charts are yall looking at- (And I'm a female)

  • Gocolas
    Gocolas17 timer siden

    dollar store Howard Stark

  • Cianieous
    Cianieous17 timer siden

    Need another Tommy and Courtney song writing video in my life

  • Georgie Rodda
    Georgie Rodda17 timer siden

    Who thinks the same cournty and Shane

  • korv Mannen
    korv Mannen17 timer siden

    im sorry but pikachu isn´t from gen 2, the pokemon silver game is gen 2 but pikachu is originally from gen 1. i probably sound like a douchebag but im a big pokemon fan and it just annoyed me sry

  • PonyPlays2014
    PonyPlays201417 timer siden

    12:08 when someone mentions the homework the teacher forgot to ask about

  • Emmanuel Green
    Emmanuel Green17 timer siden

    Really? Nothing from Food Wars?

  • Ash The Trash
    Ash The Trash17 timer siden

    I only remember when I was in 3rd or 4th grade and we were doing the flex arm hang and girls and boys were all in one class. When I was a child, I really just liked hanging off things or swing in between 2 couches, so my arms were pretty strong. This one boy had the highest time around one minute. After I finished, my time was 1 minute and 13 seconds. The PE teacher came up to him and said "Hey *insert random boy name*! 1 minute and 13 seconds 😲!" He said: "Me? 🙀" The teacher: "no, Ash 😜" The power I felt after I've beaten a 9 year old boy was more than satisfying 😁

  • Ethan Emmett
    Ethan Emmett17 timer siden

    Little did they know, Sara "rudeunicorns" W would go on to work for smosh.

  • Eli
    Eli17 timer siden

    17:45 yes shayne, yes

  • A.M
    A.M17 timer siden

    I kinda expected hair to be on a plate for my hero academia 👀

  • Juriel Diaz
    Juriel Diaz17 timer siden

    Noah out here getting spanked for the team

  • JADLS 24
    JADLS 2417 timer siden

    You're not a true weeb if you didn't know that onigiri was actually a jelly doughnut Btw, whenever Damien gets to do anything anime related, it's always the best thing evrr

  • Hannah Parkes
    Hannah Parkes17 timer siden

    Aged like milk?

  • Ms. Nightfall
    Ms. Nightfall17 timer siden


  • Dangitman102490
    Dangitman10249017 timer siden

    I can do exactly -1 pushups.

  • Yousef TV
    Yousef TV17 timer siden

    Can we just acknowledge the fact that Courtney moved about an inch for each push up?

  • vaguely androgynous rat
    vaguely androgynous rat17 timer siden

    keith after every order: yo don't come back

  • Justin
    Justin18 timer siden

    I like how Keith is just sitting there like "what" every time.

  • Kenna Findlay
    Kenna Findlay18 timer siden

    XD its so funny

  • Thomas Hager
    Thomas Hager18 timer siden

    Can I get pinned

  • Lea Rich
    Lea Rich18 timer siden

    Courtney is quiting smosh to join a micheal jackson impersonator squad

  • morelols09
    morelols0918 timer siden

    Armie Hammer

  • anthony birmingham
    anthony birmingham18 timer siden

    Ok ein made me laugh with the poo 😂😂😂

  • Electric Hatter
    Electric Hatter18 timer siden

    Yay they brought garret sliver back

  • Nova aurora Historias
    Nova aurora Historias18 timer siden

    Ian it’s always the last survivor

  • GeoJay
    GeoJay18 timer siden

    How about shows for girls age 9 and younger?

  • anthony birmingham
    anthony birmingham18 timer siden

    Shayne made me laugh 😆

  • Hestia Rose Quartz
    Hestia Rose Quartz18 timer siden

    when Damien screamed and a video of a man falling showed up, I almost choked on my egg. I wasn't mentally prepared for it.

  • Abby Carson
    Abby Carson18 timer siden

    i can do a whopping total of 0 pushups

  • Teaghanne Mahaffey
    Teaghanne Mahaffey18 timer siden

    I’ve never seen any Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Lord of The Rings movie either.

  • Cake Eater
    Cake Eater18 timer siden

    Ian I love Nathan drake too so yeah dudes

  • Jady Rivera
    Jady Rivera18 timer siden

    When he said Harry Potter I started paying attention OMG HE DID SNAPE

  • Dagny Bradish
    Dagny Bradish18 timer siden

    shayne looked so sad when gus didn't laugh.

  • Mariah G.
    Mariah G.18 timer siden

    The cheerleading bit instantly made me think of glee and the trio singing say a little prayer for you 🤣🤣

  • taite wyld
    taite wyld18 timer siden


  • Himahima Yami
    Himahima Yami18 timer siden

    emo haircut Courtney looks like Taylor Swift

  • Sarcastic Guy
    Sarcastic Guy18 timer siden


  • Emily-Grace Simons
    Emily-Grace Simons18 timer siden


  • Christian Taylor
    Christian Taylor18 timer siden

    shayne just looking like young leon from Resident evil he whole time.

  • Mochi Vang
    Mochi Vang18 timer siden

    I thought you guys would do some food from food wars

  • Smosh is poggers
    Smosh is poggers18 timer siden

    This is probably my favorite eat it or yet it ever Like the theme is anime, and who doesn’t like anime!? And the fact that Garret and Damien are dressed up like Deku and Aizawa just makes me laugh 😂

  • Chloe Curtis
    Chloe Curtis18 timer siden

    i just had to watch when i saw damien dressed as deku :3

  • Cake Eater
    Cake Eater18 timer siden

    Ian....Ian.........Funny guy my dude messed the game up lol

  • ContentDude
    ContentDude18 timer siden

    Most heart warming thing of 2021🥺 1:37

  • PoKatana
    PoKatana18 timer siden

    1:56 Jelly-filled Donut

  • Naomi Caparelli
    Naomi Caparelli18 timer siden

    bro i lost it when damien said greymane or battleborn hollly shshhiiiiitittittttt

  • Emily-Grace Simons
    Emily-Grace Simons18 timer siden

    Shayne’s acting skills are one word. Incredible. Also, can we all just laugh about how funny Jackie was when she was “listening” to their conversation 😂

  • Astral Koi
    Astral Koi18 timer siden

    I wish they had filled the taiyaki with natto, fish sauce, and barbecue sauce!

  • Kevin Hanson
    Kevin Hanson18 timer siden

    I can 17 and I'm 12

  • Kevin Hanson
    Kevin Hanson18 timer siden

    This is my dad

  • No Name Games
    No Name Games19 timer siden

    I dont like smosh anymore ever since the “every blank ever” thing started but anything with critical role im gonna watch

  • Mars Mech
    Mars Mech19 timer siden

    Now i want to know the statistics of what seat has to eat the most.

  • Someone ForeverTD
    Someone ForeverTD19 timer siden

    I'm a type of person that laughs really easily, and now that I think about it I really shouldn't be eating while watching this 😶

  • Yuval Karavani
    Yuval Karavani19 timer siden

    sometimes i like to watch this video and dream of the day that they'll make another one

  • Grant Casperson
    Grant Casperson19 timer siden

    If you do another, do pork cutlet bowls from Yuri on Ice or Soul Candies from Bleach! Fun concept, kinda jealous.

  • Lol Meme
    Lol Meme19 timer siden

    I didn't know that mannequin can move the heads Evidence time 9:28

  • Maya b.r
    Maya b.r19 timer siden

    The edited mouth noises at around 1:33 make me so mad i have to click away

  • Sarcastic Guy
    Sarcastic Guy19 timer siden

    1:53 Garrett's face is so funny

  • Connor Barkington
    Connor Barkington19 timer siden

    ON ALLERGIES: Yes they do come and go. It's called controlled exposure or immersion therapy. Allergies are an immune response, which means they operate on mumbo jumbo like "perceived threat" just as much as actual chemical responses. So if you are around the allergen but you're safe and healthy, your body will stop freaking out about it. My story: Age = 5. Favorite food = peanut butter. Regularly took the whole jar and ate it by the tablespoon. Did this during a highly stressful time in life. Developed deadly peanut allergy. Couldn't be in the same room as thai food. Ate hella cheese to curb my craving for PEEB. Couldn't stop eating peeb. Ate those chewy bars with like 1% peanut butter. Handled the symptoms with water and claritin. (I would get a REALLY itchy nose, then it would escalate to a puffed up gob. So I stopped when I got to itchy nose.) Unstoppable peeb intake evolved into immunity to peeb. I now no longer have a peeb allergy of any kind. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. I ate my way into that mess, and I ate my way back out of it.